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Rhamstine M-S-B-01
Rhamstine M-S-B-02
Rhamstine M-S-B-04
Rhamstine M-S-B-05
Rhamstine M-S-B-06
Rhamstine M-S-B-07
Rhamstine M-S-B-08
Rhamstine M-S-B-09
Rhamstine M-S-B-10
Rhamstine M-S-B-11
Rhamstine M-S-B-12
Rhamstine M-S-B-03

Model MSB is otherwise identical to MSA, but it has a white dial. I have found no information when the change was made.

Mine came from Lancing, Michigan, in excellent condition, and with a leather case.